Lari Masghati

Lari Masghati

Masghati is an Iranian dessert which used especially in south of the country. There are few different variations of Masghati, which is a Persian sweet made basically from starch. Persians love sweets, and as a part of the cultural hospitality, they feel obliged to serve it to their guests, along with black tea, soon as they arrive for a house visit.

Masghati manufactory

Masghati is originally from the south part of Iran, Larestan county, but nowadays, it is a famous souvenir from cities like Shiraz, Kerman, and Sirjan.

Rose Masghati

The traditional masghati is made from wheat starch, sugar, sunflower oil, cardamom, rose water, almond slivers and pistachios, but you can also find masghati with saffron, rose petals and briberies.