Vision and Mission


Did you now?

Due to Iran’s diverse climatic conditions and fertile soil, its agricultural products are rated among the best in the world.


During long time, certain countries such as the UAE played the role of middleman for Iran’s red gold, pistachio and dates market and bought this valuable products from Iran and exported them to the global markets, using their own packaging and branding on much higher price.

And more

In 2015, Iran exported 244 million dollars of saffron, long viewed as the world’s most expensive spice, but the trade is viewed more a bust than a bargain for the country.

Why buying world’s finest products in quality with high price?

Our mission is to be your most trusted source of natural, ecological and high quality products of Iran at competitive prices and to provide the best customer service.

At Irahestan Trading Company our vision is to create long-lasting mutually beneficial links between the best of Iranian producers and foreign clients all over the world.